How to exterminate rodents (mice, rats, field mice)?

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Fighting pests can sometimes be painful and unpleasant, especially when you don’t have an idea how to go about it. Like the Rodents And insects, these harmful beasts are not only a real threat to human property, but also to health. To keep them away from homes, professionals use a specific technique that is the Caulking and extermination. At


, the company

Axe Extermination

helps locals effectively combat these wildlife species with this technique. We will tell you more in this article on the modus operandi for

Caulking against



Rodent caulking: ideal for preventing mouse infestations

Gray mouse

The invasion rodents in residences are usually found in cold or wet seasons. These wild insects storm homes due to weather and feeding conditions. Their presence in homes has different consequences for the owners in terms of food, health and other.

Anti-rodent caulking: what is it?

Rodents rongeurs are very skilled animal species. The latter, in particular the Mouse can enter the interior of a house through the tightest of spaces. They don’t need a large or wide space to colonize an environment. Thus, to minimize the number of accesses that can serve as a gateway, professionals apply the Anti-rodent caulking. This technique involves installing physical barriers to prevent them from accessing the interior of residences.

Which model of rodent caulking should I use?

Like a

compliant rodent exterminator group in Montreal

, all

extermination companies

must use different models and materials to


the passage entrances of rodents. For example, cement, silicone-based sealant and finely braided mesh are used. But it should be noted that the materials are chosen according to the size of the spaces to be plugged.

How to avoid mouse intrusion with caulking of the house?

Caulking a house

It is possible to avoid the




in a house without having placed mousetraps there. It is enough to strengthen the security of the house by plugging all the corners of intrusion of mice. the

Anti-rodent caulking

is carried out in three main stages.

What precautions should be taken before caulking?

Before starting the clogging operation, professionals always take a number of precautions so as not to make unscrupulous mistakes. First, they scrupulously inspect the residence to identify all potential areas of intrusion. They mainly check the roof, ventilation ducts, foundations, windows and doors. In a second step, they move on to the choice of the material of Parasitic caulking to use. At this level, they rely on the best material to have a quality and durable rendering over time. Finally, they proceed to the laying of the

Parasitic caulking


Pest caulking technique itself


Strictly speaking is also carried out in three different stages. First, the area must be cleaned carefully and vigilantly. plug. Afterwards, any traces of old sealant must be removed before applying another sealant. Subsequently, a trigger gun must be used to place the sealant on the plug. Regardless of the type of Rodent

considered, it is necessary to perform quality poses to prevent future invasions


The benefits of rodent caulking

The advantages of this technique are well established. the Caulking

not only serves to prevent



in a house, but also to insulate it. It is a technique for combating Rodents par excellence. During the operation of


, professionals use materials that


cannot destroy. When the latter are well installed, they leave no chance to the Rodents. the caulking is also an ecological and very economical pest control solution. It does not require the use of any chemical and is not carried out every year. On top of that, it is not

toxic and neither

dangerous to human or animal health, unlike


. In a nutshell, the Caulking

is an unparalleled antiparasitic solution since it prevents

the invasion

of any species of



Moreover, to enjoy an excellent caulking work against rodents, we invite you to choose

Axe Extermination

. We are a company

that fights rodents without the use of chemicals or


products. We especially use the technique de Anti-rodent caulking to limit theintrusion some Rodents inside buildings. We plug different fromintrusions such as cracks or holes. This allows us to exterminate them in the area without killing them.

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