COVID-19 disinfection service in Quebec

Eliminate COVID-19 and other viruses and bacteria from your living or working environment


Quebec leader in the sector of pest management and decontamination services for several years now, Axe Extermination is the reference to rid your home of viruses and bacteria (such as Covid 19).

Thanks to sophisticated methods and effective disinfection products, the Axe Extermination team can quickly disinfect large spaces by covering 100% of surfaces.

10 minutes later, you can return to the disinfected area.

A COVID-19 disinfection service for all sectors, throughout Quebec

As the COVID-19 virus can spread quickly in all types of environments, Axe Extermination has developed expertise in electrostatic disinfection that allows it to sanitize buildings of all uses, throughout Quebec.

Residential COVID-19 Disinfection

Residential COVID-19 Disinfection

When a residential building is affected by COVID-19, a complete disinfection of the house, condo or apartment can be effective in removing all traces of the SARS COV 2 virus and preventing contamination of other residents. To do this, Axe Extermination masters all the processes required for adequate residential disinfection.

Commercial COVID-19 disinfection

Commercial COVID-19 disinfection

The COVID-19 disinfection of a building or commercial premises must take into account the different requirements specific to certain sectors. Axe Extermination’s collaborative approach ensures your compliance and rids your company of all viruses and bacteria discreetly, without harming your activities.

Industrial COVID-19 disinfection

Industrial COVID-19 disinfection

As industrial buildings are usually large in size, it requires suitable equipment and qualified personnel to rid all their surfaces of viruses and bacteria. Thanks to electrostatic disinfection, Axe Extermination can sanitize your factory, warehouse or garage efficiently, in a time frame that will not disrupt your activities.

Institutional COVID-19 disinfection

Institutional COVID-19 disinfection

Regardless of the institution affected by an outbreak of COVID-19 or other viral or bacterial diseases, it is essential that its disinfection be handled by competent people. The safety of the providers of the services provided by the institution is at stake. Take everyone’s health to heart and entrust Axe Extermination with the mandate to eliminate viruses, germs and bacteria from all your surfaces.

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Technology and disinfectant that get rid of COVID-19 quickly

Axe Extermination has developed a methodology that, combined with the effectiveness of the disinfectant used, leaves no chance of survival for viruses, especially the one causing coronavirus disease.


Electrostatic disinfection

Electrostatic disinfection relies on electromagnetic physics and polarity to ensure optimal adhesion of the disinfectant product to 100% of surfaces.

Another advantage of this technique is that unlike space applicators that can leave harmful aerosol particles for hours, it allows you to re-enter the disinfected space after only 10 minutes.


A disinfectant that kills the COVID-19 virus in 120 seconds

Our product is known to effectively kill a multitude of pathogens in a very short time.

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