Extermination and decontamination Mouse & Rats guaranteed 100%

Thanks to the pest management services offered by AXE EXTERMINATION in the Montreal area, solve your infestation problem in Montreal permanently.

Exterminationin Montreal to manage rodent infestations (Emergencies 24/7)

Axe Extermination offers an emergency service, as well as a full range of services to give you total peace of mind following a rat and mouse infestation. Whatever your problem, know that there is a solution.



No matter who the intruders who infested your home are, Axe Extermination has the expertise and uses exclusive processes to drive them out permanently. Thus, insects, rodents or any other undesirable is eliminated or hunted in a short time. Learn more +



Following a rodent or insect infestation, it is important to decontaminate the affected areas according to a specific protocol. Intruder urine and feces contain pathogens that can threaten your family’s health. Learn more +


Specialized repair

If you think your home is vulnerable, you can avoid many worries by fixing the problem upstream. With opt for effective prevention through the elimination of factors favorable to pests. Learn more +



If you think your home is vulnerable to infestations, you can avoid a lot of worries by fixing the problems at their source. Thanks to caulking, each of the breaches that can allow the intrusion of pests is sealed, so as to stop the invaders. Learn more +

For any infestation situation requiring

emergency intervention or extermination


The advantages of using AXE EXTERMINATION


High availability

Because you never know when the intruders will show up, Axe Extermination’s experts are listening to your requests 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Free estimate

Enjoy an assessment of your situation and needs completely free of charge. You will have a clear plan of action.



Drive away intruders without damaging the environment. Axe Extermination only uses products with low ecological impact and safe for your family.


Guaranteed work

With the best warranty in the industry, ensure peace of mind for a long time. Each intervention of Axe Extermination is 100% guaranteed.

An extermination service
present throughout Quebec

With a

range of action

which extends throughout Quebec, you are certainly able to benefit from Axe Extermination’s 100% guaranteed services. With a qualified and experienced team, you will be able to solve your infestation problem quickly and permanently, no matter where you are in the province.

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Whether you want to use their extermination services for a residence, an apartment building or a commercial building, simply fill out the online form to quickly get in touch with the specialists of Axe Extermination. They will take your situation very seriously and will do everything possible to overcome this delicate situation.

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