Extermination of rodents

Aside from environments too hostile to support animal life, rodents can survive in virtually any environment. These mammals are characterized by jaws with incisors that never stop growing. They use it to feed, to defend themselves, but also to gnaw all kinds of materials to make their way. For Extermination rodents call us.

The frantic reproductive rate of many rodents is at the origin of the complications that can cause their presence. For example, a mouse may have a litter of between 4 and 7 pups every 28 days. This is why rodents can quickly colonize a building and do a lot of damage. It is therefore imperative that you react hastily if you think you are a victim of a rodent infestation.

Presence of rodents

Even if mice and other rodents are able to survive the wild, human constructions can provide them with a shelter of choice, providing them with warmth and food. Depending on their lifestyle, they may seek to build their nest inside walls, in attics and even in closets. The first signs that rodents have taken up residence in your home are the presence of droppings and suspicious noises in the walls or ceilings.

In the case of larger rodents such as squirrels and marmots, they may be attracted to certain food sources, such as a vegetable garden or flower beds. In such a situation, they can settle near your property in order to have easy access to this food.


Risks associated with the presence of rodents

Vermin that infest a building can generate several problems. First of all, it is known to contaminate surfaces, food and transmit many diseases. Its feces contain viruses, bacteria and parasites that are dangerous to human health if the infested area is not decontaminated.
Rats and mice can also chew on electrical wires and make nests everywhere, which can create the conditions for a fire.
Outdoors, rodents can ravage a garden in just a few hours. They also dig holes and tunnels that could even threaten the stability of a building’s foundation.


Techniques and approaches

Most rodents that populate a house can be exterminated using poisons. However, if the area affected by the infestation is also inhabited by pets or young children, this method is rarely prioritized. In this case, having the traps strategically is the best option.
As for rodents such as squirrels, marmots or muskrats that cause damage to your property, the Axe Extermination team will try to relocate them. Once the animal is captured, it will be released into the wild, far from home. It is therefore ethical and environmentally friendly methods that are put forward by our technicians.



The easiest way to prevent rodent infestations is to plug each entry point that rodents could use to infiltrate buildings. To this end, a caulking service is offered by Axe extermination.
Similarly, a smoke test, which involves injecting smoke into air ducts, plumbing or other piping, can accurately target infiltration points.

Let us get rid of rodents

Rodent extermination and rat control require appropriate equipment and a level of knowledge that only professionals possess. The health risks posed by rodents also justify hiring the best team possible. That’s why you shouldn’t wait another second if you think you’re dealing with rodents. Entrust your problem to Axe Extermination.

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