Territories served
by Axe Extermination

Insect or animal infestations can occur in any region of Quebec. It is for this reason that Axe Extermination serves several sectors of the province, so that as many people as possible have access to our 100% guaranteed services.

Axe Extermination is able to serve you if you are located in the following territories:


Montreal – South Shore

Montreal – North Shore

Quebec – North Shore

Quebec – South Shore

Eastern Townships




North Shore

Territorial specificities

Quebec is a huge territory. Due to the specificities of each region, certain pest species are more likely to occur in certain environments.



People living in urban areas such as Montreal, Quebec City and Laval are more vulnerable to bed bug, pigeon and rat infestations. Our teams of technicians present in these regions are therefore equipped to fight effectively against these invaders.



Halfway between the countryside and the city, the suburb is a place where residents can sometimes come face to face with unwanted species in search of food or shelter. To get rid of any species of wild animals in a humane way, count on us.



Proximity to woodlots or farmland increases the risk of becoming a victim of a mouse, bat, marmot or skunk problem. These animals can survive very well in the wild, but can be attracted by the presence of heat and food. If one or the other of these animals have taken up residence in your home, think of Axe Extermination to hunt them.

Near waterways

Near waterways

The proximity of a body of water is also favorable to the presence of certain insects or undesirable animal species. Know that all the extermination techniques we use to exterminate them are safe for the environment, which ensures that we do not use any pesticides that could pollute these fragile ecosystems.

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