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Do I absolutely have to hire a pest control specialist or can I take care of an infestation myself?

This is a legitimate question people ask when faced with a pest problem inside or outside their property.

The answer to this question will be closely related to the pest you are dealing with, as well as the importance of the infestation. In some minor cases, you might be able to drive off the invaders yourself, but that’s only part of the job at hand.

Indeed, some insects or animal pests can carry diseases and contaminate the places they occupy. By hunting them or cleaning up their mess and droppings yourself, you could be putting your health at risk.

If in doubt, don’t take a chance and seek advice from an expert.

What if I have bedbugs?

Bedbugs can decrease your quality of life and be a nightmare for homeowners. If you find bed bugs inside your home or property, contact us today and one of our trained pest control technicians can assess the situation. He will then select a strategy to eliminate them.

The most important thing is not to spray household chemicals which you can buy at local hardware stores, this will only spread the current infestation.

After a pest control treatment, how long should I wait before returning to the premises?

The recommended waiting time for our customers is usually 4 hours from the time the treatment is completed. Before the beginning of the extermination treatment, our technician will provide you with clear indications. You will then know when you can return to the premises.

I found mouse droppings, what should I do now?

Mouse droppings can not only cause lung infections, allergic reactions, asthma and more, but can also be a vector for hantavirus. When cleaning up mouse droppings, it is extremely important not to vacuum or sweep the area. Use a disinfectant that kills germs and bacteria to clean the area.

If you find a large amount of excrement, take no risk and contact our decontamination experts. Otherwise, you could put your health and that of the occupants of the property at risk.

How long after the initial treatment does it take to see results?

Results vary depending on the type of pest, treatment methods and products used. For example, immediate results can be seen when a wasp nest is removed or treated with a liquid pesticide.

However, when using ant, rodent, and termite baits, the process takes longer because the pests must ingest the product for it to be effective. Our technician will explain what your expectations should be for your particular problem.

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