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It is not uncommon for an infestation to leave traces. Several pest species can cause significant damage to a building. That’s why, once you are rid of intruders, you will be happy to be able to count on Axe Extermination’s exclusive specialized work service, which will restore your building to its original luster, regardless of the corrections to be made.

A complete specialized works service

Regardless of the nature of the damage caused by the infestation, Axe Extermination’s specialized work team is able to carry out the necessary alterations to the affected areas. It has all the permits, as well as the skills required to carry out all kinds of interventions including:



Axe Extermination’s team of construction professionals can proceed with the repair of all damage caused by intruders. The work required can be minor or major, but will always be carried out thoroughly, so that the final result respects the original style of the building.



Sometimes, if the damage is very significant, it is possible that a simple repair is not enough. With this in mind, it may be advantageous to carry out a complete renovation of certain areas. Such an intervention can guarantee the solidity of your building, as well as its durability.

The excavation

The excavation

Some pest control strategies require excavation. In this sense, Axe Extermination can proceed with such an undertaking in order to avoid damaging the infrastructures buried in the ground, while respecting the environment.

Institutional caulking

Institutional caulking

Take advantage of the know-how of Axe Extermination’s specialized works team for any construction project following an infestation. They have the licenses and permits to give new life to your home or rental or commercial building.

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The advantage of using Axe Extermination’s specialized works service

When you have been dealing with an insect or animal infestation, your priority should be that such a situation no longer arises. That’s why our construction team should be a logical choice. Indeed, following the advice of our extermination technicians, she will be able to carry out work that will guarantee that your building will no longer be the target of pests. This approach is undoubtedly the best way to regain your peace of mind.

In addition, the construction services offered by Axe Extermination benefit from an exceptional 25-year warranty! In short, choose them to keep pests and problems at bay.

Specialized work: a crucial step in a
Extermination strategy

From extermination to caulking to decontamination, it’s important not to take any of the steps lightly if you want to make sure you fix the infestation problem for good.
For this reason, you should choose a company that masters each of the spheres of pest management. Axe Extermination has an enviable experience in each of the facets that make up a complete extermination strategy.

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