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Insects, rodents or wild animals. Exterminator for commercial areas in Montreal


Leader in extermination services for several years, Axe Extermination is your best ally to hunt intruders who have taken up residence in your home. Whether it’s an insect infestation or a rodent infestation, rest assured of high quality work, available at Exterminateur Montreal and throughout Quebec.

Why use a commercial exterminator?

When a business is faced with an infestation of pests such as insects, rodents, or other unwanted organisms, it can lead to serious problems. To preserve the reputation of your company, the health of your employees and customers, as well as the smooth running of your operations, it is essential to react quickly and effectively to these situations. This is where a professional commercial exterminator comes into play to offer you adapted solutions.

1. Specialized expertise for complete extermination

By using an experienced commercial exterminator, you benefit from the expertise of a team trained specifically to manage infestations in a professional environment. These professionals understand the different pests your business could face, as well as their behaviors and life cycles. They are equipped with the tools and knowledge to identify the source of the problem and put in place effective and sustainable eradication strategies.

2. Compliance with applicable regulations and standards

Commercial exterminators are aware of the health, hygiene and environmental regulations that apply to companies. By using their services, you ensure that the extermination is carried out in compliance with the laws in force. In addition, certain sectors of activity, such as catering or health, may require specific certifications. A qualified exterminator has the required accreditations and knows how to apply safe methods to protect your staff, your customers and the environment.

A commercial exterminator service in Montreal, Quebec adapted to all sectors

An infestation can occur anywhere. This is why Axe Extermination offers a commercial extermination service adapted to all possible environments.

Commercial extermination

Commercial extermination

Whatever your sector of activity, you can count on the Axe Extermination team to rid your business of its infestation problem. A highly collaborative approach will ensure that you take into account the standards and rules specific to your field of business.

Industrial extermination

Industrial extermination

Axe Extermination offers an extermination service perfectly adapted to the reality of industrial buildings. That’s why your factory, warehouse or garage could benefit from the unique know-how of their team of specially trained technicians to stop infestations that occur in these buildings vulnerable to intruders.

Institutional extermination

Institutional extermination

Schools, hospitals and libraries can be particularly vulnerable to certain pests because of their high level of traffic. To ensure that users make the most of your institution’s services, Axe Extermination’s extermination service is key.

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The steps of a commercial extermination strategy


Intruder identification

Before planning any intervention, it is essential to determine which invaders you are grappling with. Pests are sometimes easy to recognize, but in some cases, you will only have visual and audible clues confirming that you are indeed the victim of an infestation.

Our team will thoroughly inspect your home for property damage, feces or droppings that could help identify the source of the problem.


Choosing a method of extermination

Once the enemy to be eliminated is identified, we will determine the appropriate method of extermination. Obviously, this varies according to the pest to be hunted, its lifestyle or the quantity present.

In another context, if you have young children or pets, some treatments should be avoided. Our team will be able to effectively determine the recommended treatment according to the problem encountered.


Extermination treatment

The techniques used by Axe Extermination are meticulously developed in order to combine maximum efficiency and safety. An optimal extermination treatment is therefore fatal for pests, but safe for the residents of the home affected by the infestation.

Respect for the environment is also valued by our team. Thus, each of the repellent treatments will have only a very low ecological impact. In the case of invading wildlife , the prioritized cage capture method allows them to return to their natural habitat, far from home.

When an infestation leaves traces


Following an extermination strategy, it is possible that your home requires decontamination of infested areas. This step consists of a rigorous cleaning process, aimed at ensuring the sanitation of your home. Indeed, the droppings and excrement of certain parasites, insects or animals can threaten human health.

Corrective work

Axe Extermination offers its customers an exclusive building repair service in cases where it has been damaged by intruders. This step may also be necessary in order to eliminate the chances of pests reappearing.

That’s why, if your roof has been damaged by birds or the frame of your house has been weakened by carpenter ants, you will be happy to be able to count on such a service that will restore your home to its waterproofness and strength.

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FAQs (frequently asked)


Are the treatments used safe for my employees?

Absolutely! We use environmentally friendly and safe treatment methods for humans and animals.


How long does the treatment usually take?

The duration of treatment depends on the extent of the infestation. Our exterminators will establish a detailed schedule when planning the treatment.


How can I avoid a new infestation in the future?

Our experts will provide you with practical prevention tips to avoid any new infestation. Cleanliness and hygiene play a crucial role.


Do exterminators work outside office hours?

Yes, we can schedule interventions outside of office hours to minimize disruption to your business.


What types of companies can you deal with?

We handle a wide range of businesses, from restaurants to offices to warehouses. No job is too big or too small for us.

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