Capture of wild animals

People living in rural areas are commonly confronted with the presence of wild animals since they share their living environment with them. However, the phenomenon of urbanization and the development of new residential and industrial districts are increasingly encroaching on territories where animals once ruled. To solve the problem, the capture of wild animals is required.

For this reason, human-wildlife contact is becoming more frequent in urban areas and more people are struggling with pests. The capture of wild animals and relocation is then important.

Presence of harmful wildlife

All species in the animal kingdom need to feed. When wild animals come to your property, it’s often because they’re looking for food. It is for this reason that they will ravage vegetable gardens, flower beds and search your garbage.

If they see it as an interesting food source, it is almost certain that they will return and may even be tempted to take up residence nearby.

Other species, such as bats, will be more in search of shelter that gives them the peace and quiet they need to nest and hibernate. In these special cases, your vessel may suffer damage due to feces so the capture of wild animals is unavoidable.


Risks associated with the presence of wildlife

Beyond damaging your garden, lawn and flower arrangements, wild animals are also a danger to humans and pets.
Indeed, they can carry viruses and bacteria, many of which can be transmitted by a bite or by their droppings. This is why decontamination strategies must be regularly deployed following their passage.
Animals are also prone to carrying parasites like fleas or ticks in their coat.



As the risks of bites or contracting diseases are real, it is strongly discouraged to try to solve your infestation problem yourself.
In fact, some of the wildlife species likely to end up on your property are endangered, or in a precarious status. This is why, in order to protect the environment and biodiversity, Axe Extermination will seek to dislodge them rather than exterminate them. The techniques can therefore vary depending on the invaders.
Some cases require the installation of traps. Once the animal is captured, it can be released into its natural habitat, far from home. If it is a mother who has just had a litter, the cubs will be taken at the same time, so that they can be relocated with her.
In other circumstances, the use of repellents can keep unwanted people away, without hurting them or threatening their survival.



Obviously, not leaving your garbage bags uncovered is a precaution to take, but it may not be enough to prevent wild animals from venturing into your home. In some cases, our team may install physical barriers to prevent them from showing up.
Caulking techniques, as well as the installation of metal mesh that cannot be drilled, can be particularly effective in preventing the intrusion of wild animals.

Let us get rid of wild animals

Axe Extermination has all the expertise and equipment necessary to get rid of the wild animals that have stormed your property. So do not take the risk of trying to hunt them yourself, you put your health at stake in addition to having little chance of success. Instead, trust the best extermination team in Quebec.

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