Decontamination service after extermination

Parasitic Decontamination in Quebec: Ensure the safety of your loved ones


Leader in the field of extermination and decontamination for many years, Axe Extermination is the reference to rid your home of contaminants left by a rumble or animal infestation. Specialized methods must be used to ensure that the premises are decontaminated after the passage of undesirables, as volatile particles can spread rapidly and harm human health. That’s why you’ll want to choose the services of a specialized company that guarantees your work 100%.

With Axe extermination and its highly experienced experts in pest management, residential and commercial caulking, you are sure to enjoy quality decontamination after extermination!

A decontamination service for all sectors, throughout Quebec

As an infestation can occur in all types of environments, Axe Extermination has developed a know-how that allows it to decontaminate any type of building.

Residential decontamination

Residential decontamination

When a residence is besieged by insects , rodents or pests, the priority is to ensure that those who live there are safe. As pest species can carry diseases transmissible to humans, it is important to remove all traces of their passage after an infestation. To do this, Axe Extermination masters all the processes required for adequate residential decontamination.

Commercial decontamination

Commercial decontamination

The decontamination of a commercial enterprise must take into account the different requirements specific to certain business environments. In this sense, Axe Extermination’s collaborative approach will allow you to rid your company of any trace of infestation discreetly, without harming your activities.

Industrial decontamination

Industrial decontamination

Since industrial buildings are often large in size, it makes sense to call on a full team of experts to carry out their decontamination. Adapted equipment and qualified personnel allow Axe Extermination to clean up your factory, warehouse or garage efficiently, in a time frame that will only slightly disrupt your activities.

Institutional decontamination

Institutional decontamination

Regardless of the institution affected by an infestation, it is essential that its decontamination is handled by competent people. The safety of the providers of the services provided by the institution is at stake. Take everyone’s health to heart and choose Axe Extermination to eliminate all pathogens left following an infestation.

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The steps of a decontamination plan

To be fully effective, the decontamination process of a building must be meticulously adhered to. This is divided into steps that only experienced technicians like those of Axe Extermination can perform without threatening the safety of the occupants.



Our pest management experts begin the maneuver by preparing the various infected surfaces. This strategy makes it possible to limit the spread of particles that may be harmful to human health.


Collection of contaminated materials

Our technicians collect all birds, rodents or insects that died as a result of the extermination, as well as all soiled materials during the infestation. These residues that may contain microbes, viruses or pathogens are carefully handled and packaged in tightly sealed bags.



After disposing of all the waste and cleaning the surfaces, Axe Extermination technicians will sterilize the premises. Depending on the invader you’ve been dealing with, treatments may vary. However, the objective remains the same, to clear the areas affected by pests and effectively prevent them from reappearing.

A complementary service to decontamination

Axe Extermination stands out from the competition by offering an exclusive building repair service, in cases where the damage caused by an infestation is significant. This step may also be necessary to ensure that invaders will not return.

So, if you want to restore your building’s strength and waterproofness, you can count on our team. It will also caulk each opening in order to close all possible entry points.

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