Extermination of insects

Of all the living creatures that inhabit the Earth, insects are undoubtedly the most numerous and diverse. They are present on almost the entire surface of the globe and can therefore survive in environments extremely hostile to life. It is therefore not surprising to find them at home. Extermination insects Montreal makes it a point to solve your problem.

In appearance, insect species may look very different, but nevertheless have common characteristics. Indeed, they all have 3 pairs of legs, a pair of antennae, a pair of eyes, as well as a body composed of three parts: the head, the thorax and the abdomen. However, not all of them pose an equal threat to human health.

Insects also have a unique life cycle, beginning with an egg and usually followed by several phases and mutations that will lead them to adulthood. This aspect of their reproduction greatly influences the extermination methods used against these pests. Since they can multiply quickly, it is important to react quickly as soon as you suspect you are dealing with an insect infestation.

Presence of insects

Since the species of insects present in Quebec are extremely varied, it is quite normal to think that their lifestyles are just as varied.

Some parasites, such as bed bugs, need human blood to feed and will therefore colonize upholstered mattresses and furniture.

Other insects, such as cockroaches, feed instead on foods high in sugar and fat, while looking for moist places. This makes kitchens and bathrooms usually their favorite rooms.

Finally, some species such as carpenter ants are likely to take up residence in the wood frame of a building, especially in wetlands where they can dig tunnels.


Risks associated with insects

The risks associated with the presence of insects are very real. They can threaten the health of residents, as well as the structure of a building.
In terms of risks to human health, insects can contaminate food by spreading pathogens such as viruses and bacteria. Their droppings may also contain certain elements that will cause reactions in people with breathing problems. This is why a decontamination of the premises is necessary after an infestation.
Living in a residence populated by parasites such as bed bugs also has its share of inconveniences. In addition to sleepless nights and the stress their presence can cause, their bites can lead to rashes and allergy symptoms.
Finally, termites and carpenter ants, when present in large numbers, can damage the wood frame of a building. Some severe infestations can generate enough damage to threaten the strength of a building.


Techniques and approaches

The techniques and approaches used by our experts to get rid of an insect infestation can take various forms. These are usually deployed to defeat a particular species. For example, steam and powders can overcome bed bugs, while baits will be more effective against cockroaches.
In some cases, the use of pesticides will be necessary. In these situations, for the sake of safety for the occupants, products with a low environmental impact will always be spread.



Preventing insect infestations often starts with proper caulking , which will prevent pests from making their way inside. However, some species can lodge in clothing and food, which means they can enter your home, even if your home is perfectly protected.
Eliminating conditions conducive to insect growth is also a strategy to be adopted. Wet areas, standing water and improperly stored food are examples of factors that can promote an infestation.

Let us get rid of insects

The extermination of insects requires specialized equipment and a level of knowledge that only experts possess. The health and building risks posed by insects also justify using the best possible team. That’s why you shouldn’t hesitate a second longer if you think you’re dealing with an insect infestation. Entrust your problem to Axe Extermination.

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