Extermination of harmful birds

Unlike insects and rodents, birds are rarely considered undesirable or harmful. On the contrary, for most people, they are even intelligent and graceful animals. Contact us for our bird control services.

Despite the wide variety of bird species that exist in Quebec, sooner or later everyone will have the instinct to build a nest. To this end, they look for places that will allow them to keep their eggs and young out of reach of predators and out of the elements. Unfortunately, the ideal place to make their nest is sometimes problematic.

Presence of birds

In spring, many bird species return from the south and begin their search for the ideal location to nest. Among their favorite places, many human constructions are particularly likely to be used.

This is the case of terraces, garages, cornices and soffits. Some specimens are even bolder and even go so far as to occupy dryer pipes and range hoods.


Risks associated with the presence of birds

These nests, often constructed of plant matter like twigs, can cause damage to your property. They can clog gutter systems and drains, increasing the risk of water damage.
When installed in ventilation pipes, birds can damage air conditioning or heating systems and prevent free air circulation.
In addition to problems related to nests, the presence of birds can also be a source of problems because of their droppings. Indeed, their excrement is sometimes very corrosive and can damage buildings.

Another important feature of bird droppings is that the bacteria, fungi and parasites they contain can cause a number of diseases. Examples include histoplasmosis, encephalitis, salmonella, meningitis and toxoplasmosis.


Techniques and approaches

Since bird infestation problems can take many forms and have different degrees of severity, it is necessary for a technician to first assess the situation. Once he has identified the problem, he can decide on the strategy to put in place to hunt them.
As Axe Extermination is concerned about the environment and always works with an ethical concern, the way of doing things is always respectful of birds. That’s why their team will make sure to relocate nests containing eggs or nestlings.
Moving their food source is another alternative to encourage birds to move. In other cases called on AXE Extermination for our bird control techniques.



If a bird problem is not taken care of quickly enough, even more birds may be tempted to take up residence on your property. That’s why if you know your building is vulnerable to bird infestations, you may well avoid a lot of hassle by preventing problematic situations before they even appear.
In this sense, the Axe Extermination team can ensure that the areas of your building that are favorable to bird nesting are well protected. This strategy can be done by installing wire mesh on some air vents or by attaching systems to prevent birds from perching. Discouraging birds from settling in your home is a good way to ensure peace of mind. We therefore offer you an effective pest extermination service !

Let us get rid of the birds

The expulsion and control of birds is a task requiring a high level of skill and should be entrusted to an expert. In addition, because of the risks that their feces can represent, it is better to take a lot of precautions and even seek decontamination services. Axe Extermination offers effective services in the prevention of infestation and the elimination of problems due to birds. Contact a reputable team today for a free assessment of your situation.

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