Emergency extermination

Since insects or animals can show up at any time, Axe Extermination puts a team that can help you at your disposal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Even if in doubt, don’t hesitate to contact our specialists. They can reassure you and take appropriate measures quickly, especially if the situation requires immediate action.

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Emergency visit procedure


Once our team arrives at the scene, they will ask you to give as much information as possible about what you have observed and what motivated your call. They will then proceed to a rigorous inspection of the premises to evaluate the situation.


The team will investigate your home, looking for the main source of the problem. Once this essential information is found, an action plan be put in place.


The team will then proceed to an extermination treatment, aimed at managing the emergency. Although this kind of situation sometimes requires follow-up, the problem will be taken care of and you will be able to quickly regain your peace of mind.

Emergency situation follow-up

After the emergency treatment, our team may have to return to your home for a follow-up. Not only can some pest species be resistant and require multiple treatments, but our technicians will want to do everything to ensure that unwelcome visitors never return.

In this sense, prevention strategies such as caulking can be helpful in preventing animals or insects from infesting your home or business again.

Unwelcome intrusions may also require decontamination to rid the affected area of pathogens contained in pest droppings.

Finally, if your house or building has been damaged by the infestation, you can count on our exclusive specialized restoration service to restore it to its former glory.

In short, when you contact Axe Extermination, you will benefit from a fast, personalized service that is perfectly adapted to your needs.

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